Méthodologie : critères d’évaluation des études qualitatives en recherche sur la santé

Assessing the Quality of Qualitative Health Research: Criteria,
Process and Writing
Carlos Calderón Gómez
Abstract: The debate surrounding the assessment of quality in qualitative research becomes
particularly relevant in the field of Qualitative Health Research (QHR). The characteristics of both its
theoretical implications and the practical use of its results support the need for defining shared
coordinates for quality assessment that respond to both the methodological requirements and the
substantive components of QHR. From this I considered identifying three dimensions: criteria,
process and writing. These have frequently been intermingled in previously published QHR quality
assessment proposals. Aiming at integrating the development of new and necessary contributions,
my explanation of these dimensions and the relationships among them is based on a wide-ranging
review of published literature.



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