« I see the patient’s mind as a garden with bright seedlings of reality that spring forth to bloom in the dawn, touched by a mist of dew. The ill mind can, and must, be cultivated to grow healthy thoughts from these seedlings, undaunted by the morning dew. Most important of all is the gift of life God gives the patient, and his right to be treated with love, dignity, and respect; to be treated with sincerity as a complete and whole person. The patient comes to the mental institution bringing nothing but his complete faith and trust in our abilities to treat him, care for him, and preserve his life in the best way known, as we have been trained to do.

Our ethics are important. We must maintain them even when we become involved with those that do not live by the highest standards. We must sometimes stand alone. We must not be discouraged by ignorance, but continue to be a shining example, even though the cost sometimes may be high. Deep within ourselves we can feel we have performed in our profession well, and know that we, through honesty and dedication, have done the very best for humanity and upheld The Florence Nightingale Pledge »



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